About Us

Sanaaty helps women homemakers who produce unique high quality hand- crafts by marketing their products to empower them socially, culturally and economically. Profits are pumped back to the website to keep supporting them . Sanaaty focuses on creating partnerships with talented  women from Jordan.

It aims to empower women to create art while preserving culture and participating fully in the economic and social makeup of the community. Women produce their products and we help them  inside country and worldwide to increase their income and boost their creativity. Our products target different groups and in return give back to the community a percentage for development and support. Our goal is to empower the women economically, share them the creativity joy, preserve our culture, help their children have a brighter future.

Sanaaty endeavors on targeting different groups with each product line. In order to help them more ,we develop the Idea to market their products by handmade corporate gifts , so if you are a part of a company, an organization that is looking for a great way to give unique gifts to motivate your employees, business partners or stimulate your clients that they can remember you while also giving support to our women hands by each purchase process .

Project Founders :

Ola Marwan Wari .

Jomana Mahmoud Shehadeh.

Branding Design:

Joud Mamoun Hasweh / Graphic Designer .