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12 Pack Cute Mini Baby Girl Jacket Style Handmade Gift for Guests Keepsake Gift - Baby Shower Party Decorations

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Sanaa Zaghari
JOD 16.00

Sweetly Baby Girl style Keepsake for baby showers, festivals, parties, etc

Exclusive design, carefully handmade and crocheted , Your friends or guests will love this adorable keepsake giveaway baby shower or birthday party.

Manufacturing time:20 minutes per piece . 

HANDMADE, CROCHET, LIGHT WEIGHT, SOFTNESS,SKIN-FRIENDLY, comfortable. Suitable for many occasions.This cute products are a great for Al-EID gifts(Ramadan Or Adha Eid ) ( Easter ) or birthday presents or party present or holiday gifts .

In case of a pre-order it takes between 3-7 days for the full collection( about 20 pieces ) .

All this handmade products are crafted piece by piece by Sanaaty Hands.

Made In Jordan

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